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The only Australian commercial distillery specialising in Australian Woody Essential Oils.

Wild Wood Oils of Australia

Wild Wood Oils of Australia

premium quality wood oils.

In a country as vast as Australia, the natural environment is abundant with raw material.

Located in the Flinders Ranges region of South Australia, Wild Wood Oils has created strong relationships with timber suppliers locally, and across the Australian outback. We have developed a wide ranging supplier base providing timbers with various exotic characteristics dependent on region, soil, climate and genetic diversity.

The Australian outback is a place of vivid and infinite scenery. Sunlight radiates from clear blue skies baking the landscape during daytime, and reveals a carpet of twinkling stars with unimaginable clarity and detail at night.

Seemingly uninhabited, the region is a zoo of native wildlife including the remarkable Australian Kangaroo. Hidden from the hot sun during the day, they emerge in the cool of evening ready for their nightly foraging and nocturnal bounding.

In Australia, we call this “The Outback.”

Amongst this picturesque environment, Wild Wood Oils undertakes sustainable harvesting of natural timbers.

This is where we distill the essence of Wild Wood Oils.

Buddha Wood log

Northern Sandalwood logs

Sturt Desert Pea

Outback track to no-where!

Oil Dropper

Western Grey Kangaroo

Beautiful essential oils

Arid Australia

Native Budgies



Local Sleepy Lizard, making his presence felt!

Major Mitchell Galah, named after Sir Thomas Mitchell, a famous Australian explorer.

Where We've Come From.

The Wild Wood Oils journey started over 20 years ago. From humble beginnings we have developed our business into world class company supplying high quality woody essential oils to a global customer base. However, our journey began traversing the Australian outback seeking out raw material suitable for extracting essential oils with unique characteristics from sustainable natural resources. Here are some images depicting our journey.