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The only Australian commercial distillery specialising in Australian Woody Essential Oils.

Wild Wood Oils of Australia

Wild Wood Oils of Australia

Distillation of
Woody Essential Oils

Wild Wood Oils invests in research, processes and equipment to develop and continuously improve our manufacturing capability to support operating as a committed supply chain partner for our global manufacturing customers.


We are cognisant that our customers’ quality systems also extend to their supply chain partners.

Our quality control begins with careful selection of our primary resource. We work closely with our primary producers to encourage the development of a sustainable resource capable of meeting our production requirements.

Our timber raw material is selected from our growers in the various arid regions in the outback of Australia. After pre-processing the timber, the essential oils are extracted in our steam distillation facility.

We carefully monitor the production process and the quality of the extracted oils through laboratory analysis to ensure high purity and conformance to international standards. We continue to invest in our distillation equipment and methods to further discover, capture and isolate new and interesting characteristics in our oils.

Wild Wood Oils has the capacity to supply commercial quantities to local and export customers globally.

The final product is carefully packaged in bulk quantities and prepared for shipping to its final destination. We can accommodate individual customer’s requests regarding shipping volumes, packaging, shipping methods and contract pricing.

For complete details and product specifications please visit our products page.