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Wild Wood Oils of Australia

Wild Wood Oils of Australia

The Australian White Cypress Story

17 May 2022

The Australian White Cypress Story

Callitris glaucophylla / Columellaris

Callitris glaucophylla commonly known as White Cypress is widespread across inland Australia, extending from central Queensland to Victoria, over most of western New South Wales, across South Australia and in southern parts of the Northern Territory and central to southern Western Australia. This medium to large tree has a symmetric cone-like shape and grows up to 18 m tall. It's wood density has earned it the title of the hardest of the coniferous timbers.

Cones persist on trees for several seasons each with about 15 viable seeds per gram. Seeds start to germinate in about 15 days if grown at 25 degrees Celsius with no pre-treatment required.

Australian White Cypress

Botany History

White Cypress has been harvested for timber since the late 1800’s, with the first reserve being set aside in New South Wales in 1876. Durable and termite resistant the timber was used in house construction, flooring, fencing and some fine furniture.

Today, the largest reserve of White Cypress is in the Piliga region in north-central New South Wales. This reserve area totals 420,000 hectares of land, which around 65% is Callitris forest cover.

Commercially and historically, white cypress is deemed one of the most important of Australia's native species.

Indigenous History

The Australian White Cypress has long held a place in Aboriginal culture.

Australia’s Indigenous people have traditionally used Australian White Cypress timber to make spears, spear throwers, ceremonial objects, paddles and musical sticks as well as the resin being used in traditional bush medicine.

Australian White Cypress Tree

Naturally occurring in Australia, Australian White Cypress, Callitris glaucophylla, is widespread across the drier interiors of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

It has been harvested for timber since the late 1800s, with the first reserve set aside in NSW in 1876

Its heartwood is highly resistant to termite and beetle attack which means it doesn’t require treatment, therefore it is one of the most sought after timbers for commercial use, such as flooring, fencing and some fine furniture work.

As a medium to large tree, they grow typically up to around 18 metres. Its wood density has earned it the title of the hardest of the coniferous timbers.

Australian White Cypress has many uses as an essential oil.

Unique Properties

A relatively new arrival in aromatherapy, this oil is incredibly soothing and grounding and has significant calming and anti-anxiety properties. Other benefits include it’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as skin whitener due to its high content of guaiol.

It can be used in skin care formulations and perfumes, where it has been used as a fixative in perfumery.

Theraputic Properties

The oil has soothing, grounding, relaxing and centering properties. It can be used in most of the traditional oil methods.

Blends with floral, citrus and green oils.

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